Marquetry Art For Sale In Miami

Marquetry Art is the delicate act of applying intricate pieces of veneer, wood, leather, pearl, mother-of-pearl, metals, or other mediums to a surface to form images or designs. This method is used to make impressive pieces of furniture, and other displays of art. The practice said to originate in the ancient world, with pieces recovered from the ruins of Pompeii. The work and the artistry in marquetry art pieces are clear when you get a chance to see one for yourself. A good piece looks as if the wood and other mediums come together naturally and seamlessly. Yet the complexity of the pieces indicate some sort of otherworldly skill.


If you are looking for a piece of Marquetry yourself we have impressive showpieces in our gallery. Come in for a tour to see firsthand why marquetry is an ancient art technique that still gleans attention from those who enjoy viewing and owning the result of dedicated skill and artistry.