All Level Art Classes at Frame Up: Diego Victoria Fine Art Gallery Mean You Don't Have To Be Afraid to Start as A Beginner.

Artists of all skill levels and varying degrees of professional success look to learn new techniques by those who are more skilled or at least experienced in a particular medium. If you are a talented artist who has received some acclaim, do not feel hesitant to take one of our art classes in a different form of art than you typically practice. This can refresh your mind and maybe even improve your skill in the medium you already know. If you have never picked your first charcoal pencil or paintbrush, we have a spot for you too. Come in and enjoy a class that will teach you the basics in a way that will allow you to explore your own creativity.


Contact us if you are interested in expanding your artistic skills in Miami. We love to meet new people who are passionate about are. Browse our gallery of skilled talent and try your own hand to see what original design comes out of your own fingertips.